Saturday, December 15, 2018

Happy New Year 2019 Images

Happy New Year 2019

Occasionally, public get exhausted of the everyday and wish for some special day or event to establish doing something new and thrilling. New Year, that is the first day of January, is well thought-out to be one of such special days or occasions. People who are stressed with their problems in life think of the first day of the year as a fresh start which is why New Year is imperative for most of the world people

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There are some ways that how people celebrates their happiness of 2019 with in different languages 
Languages Happy New Year 2019
English                      Happy New Year
Urdu                          Naya Saal Ap ko Mubarak Ho
Turkish                      Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Armenian                   Snorhavor Nor Tari
Telugu                       Noothana samvatsar shubhakankshalu
Chinese                      Xin Nian Kuai Le
Dutch                         GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR
French                        Bonne Annee
German                      Prosit Neujahr
Swedish                     GOTT NYTT ÅR!/Gott nytt ar
Indonesian                 Selamat Tahun Baru
Romanian                  AN NOU FERICIT
Portuguese                Feliz Ano Novo
Russian                      S Novim Godom
Spanish                      Feliz Ano~Nuevo
Italian                         Felice anno Nuovo
Japanese                     Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu
Persian                       Saleh now Mobarak

The year is fresh, the hopes are fairly lovable, the imaginings are sweet, but my warm wishes for affluence and pleasure stays the same for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year to You

If you are not happy being single you won’t ever be fulfilled in a connection. Get your life and enjoy it, Never give up because the life will not remain constant and one day everyone will leave this world so do smart little but best for memories 

The time will never wait for you nor for any else but the moment when how and whom you passed time will be the cost-less, so before hurt anyone just think best and do best. I wish you the best to reach you fondest goals sufficient time to rest concord and fulfillment sweet new year my dearest friends

Looking back on the months gone by as a new year starts and old one ends, we contemplate
What brought us joy, and we think of our loved ones and or friends recalling all the happy times. Remembering how they enriched our lives, we reflect upon who really counts, as
The fresh and bright New Year arrives.

A new year is about to unfold with new opportunities to explore doors will open for new experiences, new adventures with Lord, Remember not the former things, The things of this past year, The Lord will do new things in us, Much more than we are aware.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Housekeeping Safety Prevent Workplaces Injuries

Housekeeping Safety Prevent Workplaces Injuries

Good housekeeping is the establishment of a safe, healthy and pleasant workplace. Employees should be aware of hazards arising from poor housekeeping.

Now a days worldwide the main attraction is the look and cleanliness which make a person or a group to attract and compel to visit that area and that is the reason people worth on their hotel house garden or industry to promote culture and to reduce hazards and illnesses because the house keeping is the key of success.

Causes of bad Housekeeping
Poor housekeeping can be a cause of incidents, such as:
·         Tripping over loose objects on floors, stairs and platforms.
·         Being hit by falling objects.
·         Slipping on greasy, wet or dirty surfaces.
·         Poorly stacked items or misplaced materials
·         Sharp edges, open cabinet drawers, irregular electrical wires
·         Obstructions during handling emergency due to blockage of access
·         An allergic reaction to a spilled chemical
·         Electrical shock as a result of poorly maintained equipment or energy sources, such as broken, cracked or damaged or substandard insulation and connections of wiring

Benefits of Good Housekeeping
Helps to prevent injuries and improve productivity & morale, as well as make a good impression on visitors.
  • Reduced handling to ease the flow of materials
  • Reduced chance of tripping and slippery on workplaces
  • Decreased fire hazards
  • Lower worker exposures to hazardous products (e.g. dusts, vapors)
  • More efficient equipment cleanup and maintenance
  • Better hygienic conditions leading to improved health
  • More effective use of space

Guidelines to Keep Workplace or Offices Effective
  • Tools must be in good condition and in their designated areas.
  • Heavier and bulkier items are placed on the lower shelves of a storage rack.
  • Do not let any objects protruding into walkways.
  • Do not eat food and drinks on the floor or workplace
  • Avoid placing materials on the floor
  • Use multi-level racks to gain productive space
  • Remove material or objects after finish the job
  • Keep tools labeled and clean to find without wasting time
Remember: Putting things in proper place doesn't waste time—it saves time!